Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal

Hiring Guide and Porter in Nepal

For a safe and secure mountain holiday, one should have an excellent and experienced trekking tour guide or at least one porter cum guide. Of course, the trail to major trekking routes to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp Langtang Valley, etc. are easy to go through but still, there are some solo trekkers that are missing every year. You may see the posters plastered around Kathmandu and in some trekking areas with faces of missing solo trekkers. We suggest that hiring a guide or at least a porter cum guide is essential for trekking in Nepal just pay some dollars as the guide's salary and make sure that your holiday is comfortable. We have standby Guides, porter cum guides, and porters in Kathmandu, in Lukla for Everest Area Trekking, In Pokhara for Annapurna Trekking. 


Most trekkers may think that a guide’s job is only to show the trail but a guide is a bank of knowledge, an organizer, an assistant or a helper, a media to the local people, a non-paid ambassador of Nepal, and a friend that can help you if you are seriously sick in the high mountains. Even at midnight, your guide runs down for the fastest help if you are in an emergency to organize the quickest rescue and take care of you in the High Mountains. In addition, a guide shows you the places of interest, describes the traditions, cultures, and religion, shows shortcut trails,s and asks the locals about route conditions making your holiday more beautifully memorable. We and our guides are highly experienced and well trained by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, and dedicated to our job. We suggest that hiring a guide or at least a porter cum guide is necessary for trekking in a remote part of Nepal. 

Porter cum Guide

A porter guide carries your gear guides you for the trail and speaks a bit of English but enough to communicate and understand your interest. They are pleasant, kind sincere, and as well as trustworthy on their job and stay together with you during your trekking or mountaineering in Nepal. Guides, porter cum guides are from isolated villages of Nepal. 


A kind of strong person from an isolated mountain village who carries your gear and doesn’t speak English but they are pleasant, kind, and sincere as well as guides and porter/guides. They may have to stay separate from you during the trek because, in the Everest region, most of the lodge owners don’t allow porters to stay in hotels so they look for porterhouses and cheap food. Most of the porters are from remote villages of Nepal in search of seasonal pottering work. 

What is the benefit of hiring a guide, and porter from Lukla, Pokhara, or other towns?

If you hire, a guide from Lukla - the main gateway to Famous Everest treks and POKHARA to Annapurna Region, you do not have to pay any extra flight fares or ground transportation for a guide and porter. We, Guide in Himalaya affiliated with Wilderness Excursion can book the guides and porters on your request at Lukla, in Pokhara, and in Kathmandu. Contact us, 

Hiring a guide, porter cum guide, and porter new cost-effective from 1st Jan 2024. 

   Everest   Annapurna and Langtang  Manaslu  Remote and Wilderness Areas
 Guide Hire Cost  USD 35  USD 35  USD 35  USD 35-45
 Guide cum Porter Hire Cost  USD 25  USD 25  USD 25  USD 30-35
 Porter Hire Cost  USD 20  USD 20  USD 20  USD 23-25

Please note that the rate is subject to a 10% service charge and 13% VAT.

Remote and Wilderness trekking route refers to the routes of Kanchenjunga, Lumba Sumba Trekking route, Makalu Base Camp, Dhaulagiri Round, Lower and Upper Dolpo, Limi Valley, Rolwaling with Tashi Lapcha Pass, Teri La Pass between Mustang and Nar Phu Valley etc.

What is included in the cost?

  • Daily well-paid wages/salary of guide, porter cum guide, and porter
  • Guide and porter fees with their other expenses. 
  • Insurance, transportation, and equipment of guide, porter cum guide, and porter.
  • Agency service charges and all applicable Government taxes at the time of staff hire.

What is excluded? 

  • Transportation charge or any flight fare if it is required.
  • Tipping is not obligatory but is expected by guides and porters. Please tip them at the end of your trek.

Important Note: Our guide and porter hiring price is very reasonable and more competitive. Our field staff are well paid with adequate clothing and facilities from the company. Our staff are fully insured. Some companies may offer you an even lower rate than our rate but BE CAUTIOUS! Cheap guides are paid less because they are less experienced, less qualified, and they are NOT insured. Or there are more chances of LABOUR exploitation Child Labor if some companies are offering even cheaper than your expectation. Naturally, we charge a few dollars as our office service charge for documentation, For your guide porter insurance, we have to pay 13% VAT, and 10% tax for selling guide and porter hiring services thus additional service charge of U$ 50 to 100 will be extra price added depending on trekking duration and difficulties. 

So don't fall for cheap guides because if things go wrong on a trek you really will need a guide who is experienced. Aside from that experienced guides explain a lot more about the surrounding mountains and landscapes than inexperienced guides. A cheap guide may ruin your trek. This is something we can't emphasize enough. It is a once-in-a-lifetime trip so try not to skimp!

"Your Safety and Satisfaction is Our Paramount Concern While Travelling with Us"