Ultimate Bungy Jump

Nepal Ultimate Adventure Sports: Bungy Jump, Canyoning, High Ropes, Swing and White Water Rafting.

Are you brave enough? Dare it for mind and soul experience!! 
Probably the best daring Bungy Jump in the world at the Last Resort, approximately three hours drive To Last Resort with beautiful grandeur scenic view of landscape and panorama. A jump of 160 meter high bridge, 150km per hours is a most exciting and thrilling sport diving into the dramatic and wild Bhotekoshi River gorge. 
In addition, Canyoning, Swing, High Ropes and Wild White Water Rafting are equally becoming a major adventure attraction in Nepal. Although it is restricted some part of the world, but it is operating in Nepal. The Last Resort located Nepal-China borderland on the Araniko High way, has developed this new exciting and thrilling activity sport.  high bridge above the. It is not only the highest but also gives the most magnificent view in the world. The adventure and excitement of bungy jumping in Nepal is definitely a once in a life time experience.

Rates 2013
Day Trip Package

Activity  Foreigners Indian Nationals  Nepalese Nationals 
Bungy or Swing Day Trip  € 82.00 NPR. 7000.00 NPR. 4200.00
Bungy and Swing Day Trip € 105.00 NPR. 8500.00   NPR. 6800.00
Cannoning Day Trip € 62.00  NPR. 5500.00 NPR. 4500.00
Rafting Day Trip   € 42.00 NPR. 4000.00 NPR. 2500.00
High Ropes Day Trip  € 57.00 NPR. 5000.00  NPR. 3500.00
Bungy or Canoeing Day Trip  € 112.00  NPR. 9700.00   NPR. 7000.00
Go and Explore Day Trip  €16.00    NPR. 1600.00 NPR. 1300.00

Overnight Trip Package

Activity  Foreigners Indian Nationals Nepalese Nationals
Relax and bungy or swing night trip       € 102.00 NPR. 8800.00 NPR. 6800.00
Relax and Rafting Night trip  € 72.00 NPR. 6800.00 NPR. 6300.00
Relax, rafting and bungy night trip      € 127.00  NPR. 11000.00   NPR. 8800.00
Relax and rafting1 night 2 days   € 78.00    NPR. 7500.00  NPR. 7800.00
Relax and canyoning 1 night/2 days € 122.00 NPR. 11000.00   NPR. 8700.00
Relax and canyoning 2 night/2 days € 155.00 NPR. 15000.00 NPR. 8800.00
Relax and bungy and canyoning 1 night € 135.00 NPR. 12000.00   NPR. 8800.00

Drive to Last Resort from Kathmandu, about 3 - 4 hours. Jump and Explore the surroundings then after lunch drive back to Kathmandu. 

Service includes:

Rates mentioned are per person. Activity day trip includes transportation, and lunch. Overnight trip packages include transport ion, accommodation in tent and all meals. For more information and programs; please e-mail us at info@guideinhimalaya.comjourney2nirvana@gmail.com